What is VEX?


The VEX Robotics competition is a small robot design and build session held throughout the world. Teams must design and build a VEX robot that can compete at a competition and accomplish certain objectives. The rules of VEX are quite simple and the game is released well before many teams are scheduled to compete. Many schools use VEX to teach students the fundamentals of robot design, build, and programming. Since robots are confined to fit inside of an 18x18x18 box many times a single student is able to build a robot without the assistance from others.

How does VEX differ from FRC?

The VEX Robotics Competition is not affiliated with FIRST. VEX occurs during the fall, which is the off season for FRC, and many high school teams use this time to build VEX bots which compete at competitions for a spot in the national championship. In VEX, the time constraints are less limited and rules less stringent. At PRHS Robotics, we use this competition to train new members to work in smaller groups before adjusting to the larger FRC bot.

Robots at the Ridge

Each November, we host one of the few vex tournaments across the state of Georgia for the current game. we allow nearly 50 teams to enter, and each school can have up to 6 teams. The event is entirely run by students and volunteers, and we take great pride in the success of this event each year.

Vex Game 2016-2017: Starstruck