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The main goal of outreach is to spread STEM and FIRST in our community and beyond. This is accomplished through a series of outreach initiatives such as STEM Day at local schools, shooting our t-shirt robot at football games and community parades, robot demonstration days, and FIRST Lego League mentoring that the team is involved in throughout the year.

With 12 years of experience, our team is always willing to support and learn from other teams in the FIRST community. If your team is interested in collaboration, mentoring, or has any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2021 Summer Camp

In the Summer of 2021, the Robo Lions’ Outreach team coordinated Team 1261’s first-ever  summer camp! Because of COVID-19, the summer camp was completely virtual and held over Google Meets. The team coordinated two separate camps which built two separate robots, and the camp itself was led by Business team members. 

2016 Chairman’s Video

This is our 2016 Chairman’s Submission. It highlights all the different ways in which team 1261 gives back to its community and helps spread STEM as far and wide as it can across people of all ages. It won the Chairman’s award at the 2016 Albany PCH District Event.

T-Shirt Robot

Want to make your sporting event, spirit rally, community event, or any other event more exciting?

Find out about our t-shirt robot today!

Mason STEM Day

Mason STEM Day was first held May 8th, 2014 by Mason Elementary, with the Robo Lions in participation of the first STEM Day in the cluster. The Robo Lions led an activity and demonstrated the 2014 Aerial Assist Genesis Robot as well as one of the VEX robots.

The t-shirt bot was a huge success, with one child recounting,

Once they fired that t-shirt robot, nobody was friends with anybody.

From this event, efforts to begin an FLL team were initiated at Mason. The team was tasked with creating an activity that allowed for the vocabulary of the design process to be applied in a hands-on setting. The challenge mirrored the FRC build season, in that it began with a problem, they had a limit on their materials, time was restricted, and constraints were placed on the final product. Overall, the activity was successful for an inaugural try at this sort of outreach.

In 2015, the Robo Lions were invited to come back for STEM Day again, this time just doing an activity with third grade. The team designed a car construction based activity, and placed emphasis on unusual materials and problem solving thinking while still following the design process. The general idea behind the activity was much more simple than the previous year, which worked much better. Because the activity was simple, we kept the talking to a minimum, maximized the work time, and left 10 minutes approximately for robot demonstrations. VEX tiles were set up in the middle of the gym, then all sat around the tiles while we drove VEX robots around.

Watch our outreach efforts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGrNfPmoTG0

GA Manufacturing Expo

Over the summer FIRST invites the team to demonstrate the robot as a part of the FIRST booth at the GA manufacturing expo at the Gwinnett Convention Center. It is a great opportunity for our team to build a community image, promote the t-shirt bot, and draw in new sponsors.

Programming Classes

Over the summer of 2014, programming classes commenced as a way of preparing programmers for future seasons. These classes were attended by rising 8th and 9th graders as well as a few 10th graders to get experience before the upcoming season. This tradition of teaching the younger programmers through various techniques and assignments has continued on and will continue on into the future, as it has led us to some truly brilliant programming epiphanies.

Ridge’s Hour of Code

Ridge’s Hour of Code was held on December 9th, 2014 and was open to all students involved in a variety of technology-based clubs affiliated with Peachtree Ridge High School. The class organized as an effort to introduce common people to coding, and how popular games, such as Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies, are made. The students were taught using the Hour of Code website that simplified the games, allowing them to follow along and learn a few things with simple drag-and-drop.
Learn about the world-wide Hour of Code effort here: Hour Of Code Video
Visit the Hour of Code website here: Hour Of Code Website

Mentoring at Elementary and Middle Schools

Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions assist younger STEM enthusiasts in Robotics Clubs in all schools across the Peachtree Ridge Cluster. We mentor the FLL Teams at Parsons Elementary, Mason Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Burnette Elementary, and Hull Middle School as well as the VEX team at Northbrook Middle School.