T-Shirt Bot

T-Shirt Bot “Jeff”

Name: Jeff

Height: 46/5 inch

Weight: 118lbs


  • 4 barrel cannon shooter
  • Adjustable angle
  • 6 Wheel all-terrain drive
  • Wireless control
  • Blue metal body
  • Red and blue LEDs
  • Ability to attach logos and information with magnets
  • Ability to decorate to fit company needs
  • Ability to shoot company provided merchandise

T-Shirt Bot

Quick Facts

-Ability to shoot anything that fits (up to a 2.5 inch diameter)
-Up to 3 t-shirts, or as many other objects as will fit per barrel
-Ability to either shoot all 4 barrels or 1 at a time Average range with

1-3 t-shirts 75-90 feet*
-Average range of all 4 cannons with 1-3 t-shirts each:70-90 feet*
-Max. capacity of 12 objects at one time

*All measurements are taken at a 45° angle and will vary depending on angle