T-Shirt Bot

At the end of PRHS Robotics’ 2013 season, our team built a T-shirt robot in order to present at events such as home football games and community events like the Suwanee Fest Parade. The robot is an exciting new medium which can be used in various ways such as promotion of an item or company.

Team 1261 plans to use the T-shirt robot as an exciting new medium to promote the team at community events and future competitions.


-Name: Jeff
-4 barrel cannon shooter
-Adjustable angle
-6 Wheel all-terrain drive
-Wireless control
-Blue metal body
-Red and blue LEDs
-Ability to attach logos and information with magnets
-Ability to decorate to fit company needs
-Ability to shoot company provided merchandise

Quick Facts

-Ability to shoot anything that fits (up to a 2.5 inch diameter)
-Up to 3 t-shirts, or as many other objects as will fit per barrel
-Ability to either shoot all 4 barrels or 1 at a time Average range with 1-3 t-shirts 75-90 feet*
-Average range of all 4 cannons with 1-3 t-shirts each:70-90 feet*
-Max. capacity of 12 objects at one time

*All measurements are taken at a 45° angle and will vary depending on angle