CAD Team

CAD (Computer Aided Design) plays an integral role in the creation of the robot’s design, as it is responsible for creating virtual 3D models of any mechanisms that the team plans to build, in order to test function capability and error analysis. All changes made within the robot plans are documented by CAD, so as to ensure that all components of the robot are functional and accurate. CAD also works with the teams’ 3D printer to produce special components that improve the robot’s performance. CAD reinforces 3-Dimensional thinking, the ability to problem solve, and fosters creativity.

Build Team

The build team is primarily in charge of the construction of the physical robot. Most build members will be dealing with some degree of power tools, particularly power drills. In Build team you learn how to use a variety of tools, like the bandsaw, CNC and vital manufacturing skills to help prepare for our future, helping them succeed..