Our Robots

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2022 Robot “DOM”

Name: DOM

Height: 52/5 inch

Weight: 118lbs


District Columbus Event

  • District Event Finalist
  • Innovation in Control Award

District Albany Event

  • District Event Winner
  • Quality Award

Peachtree District State Championship

  • District Championship Finalist

Worlds Qualifier

About DOM

DOM was built for the 2022 FRC game: Rapid React. It was named after three names Don Shaw, Osiris, Maurice. The robot has a climber and an intake, and used limelight for trajectory.

2019 Robot “Everybot”

Name: Everybot

Height: 32/5 inch

Weight: 115 lbs


District Gainesville Event

  • Autonomous Award

End of events due to covid

About Everybot

Everybot was built for the 2020 FRC game Destination: Infinite Recharge. It was one of the best low-goal bots in the world with scoring a significant amount of points in the lower hub. The season sadly ended due to Covid-19 only allowing us to partake in one competition.

Cool Robot

2019 Robot “Pumbaa”

Name: Pumbaa

Height: 47/5 inch

Weight: 119lbs


District Albany Event

  • Autonomous Award

Forsyth District Event

  • Safety Award

Peachtree District State Championship

About Pumbaa

Pumbaa was built for the 2019 FRC game Destination: Deep Space. It was named because of its appearance resembling the Lion King Character Pumbaa (and also we’re lions so it makes sense). Also referred to as “LuongShot”, named after President Natalie Luong that year.