Helpful Links

The links below lead to sites which members on our team believe have come in handy. These range from programming lessons to fundraising tips. Links will be updated during the season as more links are discovered. Enjoy!

Chief Delphi Forums

Need help starting a team? Want to decrypt hints about the upcoming FRC game? Chief Delphi forums offer the most elaborate discussion of Robotics. If you have a question Chief Delphi is close to guaranteed to have your answer. Can’t find the answer? Post a new thread, somebody will get to answering your question in due time.

The Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is the absolute best source for finding competition related information for FRC. The site complies helpful match info and offers video tutorials for varied topics. Insights on teams also is quite useful for scouting purposes.


FRCMastery is the perfect companion for the frustrated programmer! The site offers various tutorials for Labview as well as Java. Chances are if you are having a hard time with some code FRCMastery will have the answer. The website is also an excellent tool for freshman programmers who wish to learn code for the upcoming FRC season.

Fundraising by Chron

Every team needs a source of funds, membership dues cannot pay for it all. Fundraising is the answer for Robotics. This link has pretty helpful ideas for fundraising that have exceeded our expectations.

The Newboston-Programming

Just like FRC Mastery, the Newboston offers many Labview tutorials to help new programmers understand it. It also helps visitors with many more languages such as Java, C++, and HTML to name a few. The Newboston is also a great site for programmers who want to practice their code for almost any language.

MAYA-CAD Tutorial

MAYA is a great site for anyone who is interested in learning how to CAD. This site has many well explained step by step tutorials that guide users through the process. You definitely want to visit this site if you have never used CAD before or in a long time.

Start A Team

This document provided by FIRST gives you clear instructions on how to start a team in your school. By following these steps, students will have an easier time starting a team and keep it growing.