Weekly Update- January 17th, 2014

The following points were discussed at this week’s meeting:
*2014 Game: Aerial Assist
*Chairman’s Award
*Destination Einstein
*Palmetto Regional
Aerial Assist: What You Need to Know
This year’s FRC Game: Aerial Assist. Those interested in any competition drive team positions such as a driver, coach, or manipulator: it is important that you know the rules like the back of your own hand! 
Additionally, it is highly recommended that members use the website Chief Delphi in order to get more insight on the FRC game and teams’ progress throughout the world. This is a forum where there are many discussions and answers to possible questions, as well as many useful things that are helpful for anyone to know, therefore it is highly encouraged that members use this and explore Chief Delphi. 
Links to the things listed above:
Chairman’s Award
As most people know by now, out team is applying for the Chairman’s Award this season. The Chairman’s Award is known to be the most prestigious award at FRC Competitions, and is an incredibly high honor  that if properly executed, can win at a regional competition, giving the winning team a ticket to the World Championship!
This award consists of a writing portion and a video portion, both which are well in progress with our team members.
Programming meetings will occur on the same days as normal robotics meetings. This schedule is listed below. Interested programmers will attend these meetings in order to work with the encoders and practice programming on the robot.
Destination Einstein
This past Sunday, a few of our members headed down to Walton High School to attend their “Destination Einstein” project, an effort by Walton Robotics in efforts to have Georgia FRC Teams work together, helping each other and learning from one another in efforts to get a Georgia FRC Team at the Finals match in the Einstein round of World’s Competition. We are very excited to have members going down weekly just to keep tabs on the progress of other teams and learn as much possible.
Palmetto Regional
In addition to attending the Peachtree Regional, our team will be attending the Palmetto Regional Competition this year Feb.27- Mar. 1. This is a regional competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is a first-week competition, meaning that it is in the very first competition week for FRC.
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