Weekly Update- January 24th, 2014

The following points were discussed at this week’s meeting:
*Meeting Times
*Chairman’s Award
*Destination Einstein
*Palmetto Regional
1. Meeting Times
To reiterate, we have an extremely busy schedule ahead of us for the next few weeks, as well as the weeks leading up to competition, so it is important that members are aware of when we will be meeting.
It is important for members to know that their grades are a priority, and must be put ahead of robotics. Below are the meeting times, tentative to changes:
Monday: 5:00-8:30
Tuesday: 2:30-5:00
Wednesday: Chairman’s People with Rutland’s approval
Thursday: 5:00-8:30
Saturday: 9:30-4:00
Sunday: 1:00-5:00 ish
2. Chairman’s Award
As most people know by now, our team is applying for the Chairman’s Award this season. The Chairman’s Award is known to be the most prestigious award at FRC Competitions, and is an incredibly high honor  that if properly executed, can win at a regional competition, giving the winning team a free ticket to the World Championship!
This weekend, Mr. Karlins recorded about 15 students for the Chairman’s video portion. We still need more people for this; our goal is to get all members to speak and get the maximum number of people in the final product. Our theme is L.I.O.N.S, so please look at the link below for full details, which serve as the guidelines to help show our members what general ideas they should be talking about in the video. In addition, please bring your shirt to weekend and night meetings for recording purposes, especially if you haven’t gone yet.
3. Destination Einstein
Two weeks ago, a few of our members headed down to Walton High School to attend their “Destination Einstein” project, an effort by Walton Robotics in efforts to have Georgia FRC Teams work together, helping each other and learning from one another in efforts to get a Georgia FRC Team at the Finals match in the Einstein round of World’s Competition. We will have members going down weekly just to keep tabs on the progress of other teams and learn as much possible, with or without a bot. We would like to keep the group of people that are going consistent simply so that they are able to fully develop relations with the other teams, so the same people should be attending every week. The people going this week are: Lexi, Rachel, Bryce, and possibly Daniel Webb
4. Palmetto Regional
In addition to attending the Peachtree Regional, our team will be attending the Palmetto Regional Competition this year Feb.27- Mar. 1. Only a skeletal team of about 17 people will be attending, and will be selected to go not only based on attendance but also in the weight they carry in the team and how much they do. Further information about Palmetto will be released as competition approaches.


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