Weekly Update- November 8th, 2013

November 8th, 2013

*T-Shirt Bot
*Electrical Meeting
1. T-Shirt Robot
This Friday was a very successful day for the Robolions! Dr. Tashlein shot not once, but three times! The robot was incredible impressive and a great tribute. The completion of this robot is the pathway to many more future PAID events! It’s great to see how all of the hard work and dedication from the summer has paid off, not only as a learning experience, but also as a way to promote the team at future events and competitions.
2. VEX
The VEX Competition is only 18 days away! This is VERY soon!!! All robots should be completely build by now, as well as programmed. We have built a practice field in the Cave so that our members have an opportunity to see what the fireld will be like and test how well all elements of their robot work. Additionally, we will need set-up volunteers, as well as people to make buttons, people for queuing, commentators, and people to help with the field break-down after the event. We also still need parent volunteers!! This would be much appreciated; if your parents are interested in volunteering, please have them email Mrs. Rutland atmary_rutland@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.
3. Programmers
If you are a programmer, Jason has received your quiz; nobody failed, congratulations! Programming meetings will continue on Thursdays in Coach Lumpkin’s room. This week programmers will be learning Java.
4. Electrical Meeting
If you are interested in attending the electrical meeting, please come! The meeting will be this Thursday, November 7th at 5:15; it will be on battery safety. On of our mentors and a parent of one our students will be teaching; Mr. Webb. If you would like additional information, please contact Andy Bare at andy@prhsrobotics.com
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