Weekly Update- November 22nd, 2013

*VEX Event
*Inventor Lessons
*FRC Preview
*Red Cross

1. VEX Event
The VEX Competition is only 2  days away! This is EXTREMELY soon!!! All robots should be completely build by now, as well as programmed.

2. Inventor Lessons

Mr. Gillespie has agreed to host Autodesk Inventor lessons on Thursdays from 2:20-3:20. We will first meet up in Rutland’s room and then go to the lab. This is a great experience! We are looking for around 10 members that are interested.

3. FRC Preview
If you wish to be part of our team in the spring semester (which is when we do FRC), STIMS is necessary. Just so you get an idea of what FRC entails, it’s a little bit more intesive; we meet a lot more, but it’s only for about ten weeks. However, it can also be more fun since there are competitions with many other schools.

4. Red Cross
Rec Cross is collecting items for kits to send to people in need; especially those in the Philippines. As a club, we would like to support this cause and make as many kits as possible to help those in need. If we make five kits as a club, we get a pizza party, so let’s get supplies in!!

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