Albany FRC District Qualifier


Our Two Dean’s List Finalists!

This past weekend (March 17-19) the Robo Lions competed at the Albany FRC District Qualifier in Albany, Georgia. The Robo Lions finished off Qualification Matches, placing 2nd out of all the teams present. Then, we became the 2nd Ranked Alliance Captain, and with our alliance partners 3329 and 5651, went into the playoffs. We set the state high score twice, scoring 137 to set the state high score, and then the next match scoring 140, thus breaking our previous record and setting a new state highs score. We then went on to win the Albany District Qualifier, with which we won our first Blue Banner of the season. The Robo Lions were also able to receive a few other awards. We first won, the District Chairman’s Award, becoming the first team in Gwinnett County to ever win the award, which gave us our second Blue Banner and automatically qualified us for the Peachtree District State Championships. The Robo Lions were also awarded the Hard Hat Safety Pin Award. To add on to a great event, two Robo Lions’ team members, Caroline Means and Mackenzie Glaser, were named Deans List Finalists, which is a very prestigious honor. The Robo Lions had tons of fun at the Albany event and can’t wait to compete at the Kennesaw FRC District Qualifier and the Peachtree District State Qualifier!

Columbus FRC District Qualifier

During the days of March 10-12, The Robo Lions headed down to Columbus to compete in the week 2 Peachtree District Qualifier. The Robo Lions, along with their alliance Captain 5332 and alliance partner 4240 were able to make it all the way to the finals! The Robo Lions received the Industrial Design Award. The Robo Lions will also be participating in the Albany and Kennesaw District Events. We can’t wait to compete at those district events!

Sponsor Open House

On February 25th, the Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions hosted our second ever sponsor open house! It was at Peachtree Ridge at 7pm, in the classrooms where our team builds. We gave any interested current or future sponsors an opportunity to come see us work and learn about all the progress we’ve made this season. We hoped to be able to interact with a lot of our community and continue the valuable partnerships we already have going! We really enjoyed seeing everyone there!

Bag and Tag

The FRC season begun and that means that bag and tag day is also moving closer. The RoboLions will be participating in bag and tag which is held for all teams on the 23rd of February. Bag and Tag is the day that all teams around the world bag their robots away till they compete in a Regional/District. This is to insure fair play and give everyone the same amount of build time.

Burnette Elementary’s STEM Night

On February 11th, the team attended their first Burnette Elementary’s Science Night. It was great to drive around our 2014 FRC robot and our VEX Outreach robot, as we had lots of interest and answered tons of great questions. We spoke with Ms. Reed, the Principal, about furthering their robotics program, and are excited to continue working with the school!

Parsons STEM Night

On Thursday, February 4th, the team headed next door to Parsons Elementary school for an awesome night of robotics demonstrations! Our new outreach VEX robot made its debut, shooting balls across the cafeteria. Many of the students were eager to bring the balls back and even got to try their hand at driving the robot. Genesis, the 2014 competition robot, served us well once as we watched students jump up to catch the ball. A huge thanks to Parsons for having us and to all of the Robo Lions who helped make this night run smoothly!

Mason STEM Night

Mason STEM Night- Members of the team brought a VEX Robot and the 2014 Aerial Assist Robot to Mason Elementary to participate in a robotics showcase alongside GSMST Robotics and the Mason FLL team. Students were excited to jump up to catch the ball as the robot launched it across the room while others drove the VEX robot. It was really great to see the new members of the team connect with the elementary students, making sure all were safe around the robot and even sharing a dance or two! Prior to the night, students helped judge science fair entries which were also on display for parents that night. We had tons of kids take interest in the robot and we really loved being able to connect the kids’ experiences with robotics to our own robotics experiences!

Judging Jackson’s Science Fair Projects

A few members of the team were invited to help with judging Jackson’s Science Fair Projects. The team had a blast as they sifted through impressive observations and research put together by the 5th grade class and can’t wait to be back next year!