Robo Lions visit ZF

The Robo Lions visited ZF on June 29, 2016 to give a presentation on what the team has achieved this past season. With a brief powerpoint and a quick demo of our 2016 Stronghold bot Khanquistador, the team ended the presentation by presenting one of our year’s sponsors with a plaque as a token of their utmost appreciation. As a finishing touch to the end of a fantastic visit, ZF provided the team with an inside tour of the company, showing us some of their own robots! Team 1261 thanks ZF for such a great experience, and hopes to continue sponsor relations for years to come.

2015-2016 Team 1261 Summary

The team had a blast at their Annual Robots at the Ridge VEX competition on Saturday, November 21st, at Peachtree Ridge High School. One of Team 1261’s VEX teams even made it to the quarter-final rounds! This year also marked the very first year the Robo Lions participated in FIRST’s FRC Music Video Parody Contest, where they received an honorable mention! The FRC season kicked off with another collaboration party with 2974 Walton Robotics, as the two teams looked over the 2016 Stronghold game manual and brainstormed a variety of winning strategies. This year also brought another trip to the FRC World Championships in St. Louis, MO after winning 2 out of 3 district events attended by the team, along with two of its members making Dean’s List finalists. In addition to those stunning awards, the team was able to win Excellence in Engineering, Industrial Design, and Innovation in Control due to their sleek construction of their 2016 robot, Khanquistador! To top it off, Team 1261 Robo Lions finished the year by being the only Georgia FRC team to pummel through to the division semi-finals of the World Championship before being defeated and the first Gwinnett County team to win the prestigious Chairman’s Award! This is the best finish the team has had in its twelve-year history and hope to do even better next year!

Officer Elections

The 2016-2017 Officer Leadership Elections were held on Tuesday May 10th. Below are the candidates listed for each elected position:

President: Mackenzie Glaser
Vice President of FRC: Sana Hafeez, Natalie Luong, Neil Penning, Sumaer Sahney, and Tyler Son
Vice President of VEX: Joel Leonardo
Vice President of Business: Nawar Khan
Vice President of Outreach: Caroline Means
Vice President of Communications: Jane Khampha

Speeches were presented from each candidate and students submitted their votes. Results will be determined in the near future. The newly elected officers and the outgoing officers for the year will be meeting next week to decide the appointed positions. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming news!

Robo Lions at the World Championship

Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions Pounce at World Championships
The Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions Team 1261 based in Suwanee, Georgia were able to qualify for the FIRST Robotics World Championships that took place in St. Louis, Missouri this past week. We were one of just twelve Georgia FRC teams to qualify and made it farther than we have ever done before!
Clawing our way through two days of qualification matches, the Robo Lions placed thirteenth out of seventy-five competing teams within Curie, one of the 8 divisions during FRC Championships. From there, they were chosen to join the 5th seed alliance captain Team 5406 Celt-X from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and their alliance partners Team 3641 Flying Toasters from South Lyon, Michigan. Team 2883 F.R.E.D from Warroad, Minnesota was chosen to be the backup 4th robot on the alliance. The determined trio fought hard only to be stopped short in the semi-final matches, losing by a small margin of first 6 points, then 13 points. Still an incredible feat for our team that has never played in eliminations at Championships before!

Peachtree District State Championships

Peachtree Ridge Robotics Team Amplify Their Roar at Peachtree District State Championships
They’ve won once, they’ve won twice, and now they’re back at it again with another accomplishment; qualifying for World Championships to be held in St. Louis, Missouri from April 27 through April 31. With this highly-anticipated event, the Robo Lions Team 1261 are ready to compete. Team 1261 was placed as the second-seed alliance captain, and made it through six rigorous playoff matches with alliance partners Team 2415 Westminster Wired Cats from Atlanta, Ga and 4516 Hyperion Robotics from Roswell, Ga. Awarded with the Innovation in Control award and being crowned the second-ranked team in all of Georgia, the Robo Lions are now on the road to making their voice heard at a worldwide competition! Because they are the only Gwinnett County team to qualify for Worlds and the first to win the prestigious Chairman’s Award at Albany, Ga, the team has proved that they aren’t all talk!
With undefeatable high goal shots and outstanding vision tracking, the team also topped the competition with an unreachable high score of 170 points, along with setting several high scores in the state of Georgia.
The team is excited to compete alongside hundreds of other teams at the World Championships held in St. Louis, Missouri! However with high costs of transportation, boarding, and registration fees, the team is scrambling to acquire the funds needed to compete. As it stands, the team is in need of $35,000 to best represent Gwinnett County by facilitating the spread of STEM and encouraging its members to follow their technological pathways. Being a registered 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible and well appreciated.
The Robo Lions hope to hear lots of supportive cheers as they head down to compete in their third World Championship competition!

Kennesaw FRC District Qualifier

While it may have been Spring Break, Peachtree Ridge Robotics Team 1261 never stopped roaring loud and proud! The Robo Lions have yet again topped the charts with a shattering win at the Kennesaw District Event, competing with a total of thirty-five other in-state teams. Having been selected by alliance captain 1746 OTTO Robotics from Cumming, Ga and working alongside alliance partner 5812 Drewbotics from Riverdale, Ga, the teams proved indestructible scoring a whopping 154 points in the final match! With cutting-edge vision tracking that allowed for precise high goal shots, aggressive driving skills that dominated the field, and precise laser sensors set for perfection, the team won the Excellence in Engineering award for the remarkable features on their robot.

On top of this astonishing win, the Robo Lions have qualified for the State Championships to be held in Stegeman Coliseum at the University of Georgia this week and are expecting to qualify for the World Championships to be held at the end of April in St Louis, MO. With the travel and entry costs for World Championships standing at $35,000, the team needs help from our community in order to raise the necessary funds! The team is a registered 501(c)3 organization so all donations are tax deductible. Please go our website to learn more about the team and please consider making an investment in the business, engineering and technical future Team 1261 and Gwinnett County.