Albany District Event

From March 23rd – March 25th, our Robo Lions attended our second FRC (First Robotics Competition) tournament at the Albany Civic Center in Albany, Georgia. Similarly to our Gainesville competition, our members all played a vital role in either driving the robot, scouting other teams for data, and working on the robot in the pits. We are so grateful to have such a hardworking team, and it was this willingness to work that carried our team all the way past the 64 qualification matches and the 2nd round of the quaterfinals. Teams 5109 (Gladiator Robotics from Johns Creek High School) and 5219 (TeknoSquad) deserve a shoutout for being such great alliance members during the playoffs. We were also very honored to win the “Innovation in Control” award which was sponsored by Rockwell for our robot’s innovative control system Like Gainesville, this was a fun experience for all members who participated.

Gainesville Competition

From March 3rd – March 5th, our Robo Lions engaged in a rigorous but fun FRC (First Robotics Competition) tournament at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville. Every member had a large participation in helping our team out, whether they worked on the robot in the pit during matches, drove the robot, collected qualitative/quantitative data, or helped to ensure that our robot was safe to compete! It was a great experience for everyone, and we were very happy to make it past qualifications and make it to the 2nd round of quarterfinals with our alliance partners Toaster Tech (Team 5332) and Robot Reign from Richmond County Technical Magnet School (Team 5734).