Bag and Tag

On February 21, the Robo Lions bagged up our FRC robot! We can not wait to compete this year in FRC Steamworks!

GC Foundation Grant

Today, the Robo Lions received a $3200 Grant from the GCFoundation and Infinite Energy! We would like to thank them for the support!

Parsons STEAM Night

Closer to home, our team took a walk over to Parsons Elementary for STEAM night with an eager group of rookies. They did a great job speaking about the 2016 robot and helping to demonstrate its capabilities. Meanwhile, others supervised youngers who wanted to try their hand at driving the VEX robots. It was a great night for the team as we got to interact with future Robo Lions and look ahead towards the establishment of another FLL team at the school.

Jackson STEAM Night

The team had a wonderful time at Jackson Elementary for their STEAM night! The 2016 robot was a hit and did a great job showing students and parents how we were able to optimize the ways in which hardware and software can work together! For younger kids, VEX robots are closer to their size, so they were thrilled to have the chance to drive them around to play soccer. Thanks to Jackson Elementary for being such great hosts- we had tons of fun meeting your FLL team as well and can’t wait to work with them!