The Robo Lions Visit the Maxxis Facility in Thanks for their Many Years of Support

On August 26, 2016, the Robo Lions were invited to the Maxxis Facility to present the organization’s efforts in advancing the STEM initiative. The team explained the dynamics of their 2016 Stronghold Robot including vision tracking and its autonomous abilities. We explained how this year proved to be fierce but it was no match for Team 1261 who bore through bent metals and broken LEDs. We also demonstrated the astounding durability of the robot’s tires, supplied by Maxxis themselves! The tires braced themselves through 5 FRC competitions, maneuvering over 9 different obstacles randomly placed on the field after every few matches. We loved the chance to demonstrate how Maxxis’ support helped us out throughout the season, and are incredibly grateful for the warm welcome they offered us this week.
Maxxis Visit

Rookie Meeting

On Tuesday 8/16, the Robo Lions hosted their rookie meeting. We were very happy out the turn out and the meeting was a great success! We can’t wait to get this VEX season started with all of our new rookie members!