Robo Lions visit ZF

The Robo Lions visited ZF on June 29, 2016 to give a presentation on what the team has achieved this past season. With a brief powerpoint and a quick demo of our 2016 Stronghold bot Khanquistador, the team ended the presentation by presenting one of our year’s sponsors with a plaque as a token of their utmost appreciation. As a finishing touch to the end of a fantastic visit, ZF provided the team with an inside tour of the company, showing us some of their own robots! Team 1261 thanks ZF for such a great experience, and hopes to continue sponsor relations for years to come.

2015-2016 Team 1261 Summary

The team had a blast at their Annual Robots at the Ridge VEX competition on Saturday, November 21st, at Peachtree Ridge High School. One of Team 1261’s VEX teams even made it to the quarter-final rounds! This year also marked the very first year the Robo Lions participated in FIRST’s FRC Music Video Parody Contest, where they received an honorable mention! The FRC season kicked off with another collaboration party with 2974 Walton Robotics, as the two teams looked over the 2016 Stronghold game manual and brainstormed a variety of winning strategies. This year also brought another trip to the FRC World Championships in St. Louis, MO after winning 2 out of 3 district events attended by the team, along with two of its members making Dean’s List finalists. In addition to those stunning awards, the team was able to win Excellence in Engineering, Industrial Design, and Innovation in Control due to their sleek construction of their 2016 robot, Khanquistador! To top it off, Team 1261 Robo Lions finished the year by being the only Georgia FRC team to pummel through to the division semi-finals of the World Championship before being defeated and the first Gwinnett County team to win the prestigious Chairman’s Award! This is the best finish the team has had in its twelve-year history and hope to do even better next year!