Albany FRC District Qualifier


Our Two Dean’s List Finalists!

This past weekend (March 17-19) the Robo Lions competed at the Albany FRC District Qualifier in Albany, Georgia. The Robo Lions finished off Qualification Matches, placing 2nd out of all the teams present. Then, we became the 2nd Ranked Alliance Captain, and with our alliance partners 3329 and 5651, went into the playoffs. We set the state high score twice, scoring 137 to set the state high score, and then the next match scoring 140, thus breaking our previous record and setting a new state highs score. We then went on to win the Albany District Qualifier, with which we won our first Blue Banner of the season. The Robo Lions were also able to receive a few other awards. We first won, the District Chairman’s Award, becoming the first team in Gwinnett County to ever win the award, which gave us our second Blue Banner and automatically qualified us for the Peachtree District State Championships. The Robo Lions were also awarded the Hard Hat Safety Pin Award. To add on to a great event, two Robo Lions’ team members, Caroline Means and Mackenzie Glaser, were named Deans List Finalists, which is a very prestigious honor. The Robo Lions had tons of fun at the Albany event and can’t wait to compete at the Kennesaw FRC District Qualifier and the Peachtree District State Qualifier!

Columbus FRC District Qualifier

During the days of March 10-12, The Robo Lions headed down to Columbus to compete in the week 2 Peachtree District Qualifier. The Robo Lions, along with their alliance Captain 5332 and alliance partner 4240 were able to make it all the way to the finals! The Robo Lions received the Industrial Design Award. The Robo Lions will also be participating in the Albany and Kennesaw District Events. We can’t wait to compete at those district events!