Robo Lions Win the Creativity Award at the 2015 Peachtree Regional

Though having been defeated during the quarter-finals, Team 1261 was awarded the Creativity Award during Saturday’s awards ceremony. The Xerox-sponsored Creativity Award, according to FIRST, celebrates “creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of play.”

The judges at Peachtree Regional this year awarded the Robo Lions the Creativity award for its unique use of a gyro for the robot’s drivetrain along with its use of a dynamic braking system in conjunction with PID loops in the robot’s lift manipulator.

A Blast at Jackson Jam

The Robo Lions on Friday afternoon attended Jackson Elementary’s annual “Jackson Jam” to feature their T-shirt-shooting robot as well as one of their successful VEX robots. Kids and parents alike had fun reaching for incoming t-shirts shot from the large 4-cannon robot.