Finalists at Palmetto Regional

The PRHS Robo Lions won the Finalist award at the 2015 Palmetto Regional on Saturday after advancing through intense quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals matches.


The FIRST Robotics Competition regional held in Myrtle Beach, SC is one of few worldwide regionals that take place in the first round of competitions of the 2015 season. This season’s competition game, dubbed Recycle Rush, involves stacking totes and recycling containers on top of each other to score points. Teams at regionals are ranked by average match performances through qualifications, followed by the formation of eight three-team alliances that compete through the finals. Top ranked teams each pick two partners to collaboratively advance through the finals, winning or losing as an alliance.


At Myrtle Beach, the team from Suwanee, GA after qualification matches ranked fifth out of over 60 teams that competed at the Palmetto Regional this weekend. The Robo Lions went into the playoffs with alliance partners Triple Strange and Hitchhikers, two teams from North Carolina, and faced heavy competition from other alliances. They managed to advance past the quarter- and semi-finals, ultimately defeated during the finals matches, taking home the silver as Finalists in the competition.