Falling into the Robotics Rhythm

The Robo Lions have started the school year off strong with a group of new members, they plan on taking over the year and making it the best one yet.


Our head programmer, Jason Wu, has won the hearts of the students of Peachtree Ridge High School this fall and was nominated for Homecoming court. On September 26th, he surprised the entire school and got the title of Homecoming King for 2014. This goes to show that Robo Lions aren’t only capable of building robots and programming, but are also capable of bridging different circles into a unified whole.

IMG_0949 copy


Peachtree Ridge Robotics have been attending every home game that is held against Peachtree Ridge High School’s football team with the T-shirt Robot named Jeff to rouse the intense crowd and cheer the team on. They plan on continuing their participation in sporting games by later attending the basketball games as well and teaching younger students the ropes of the t-shirt robot to continue in future years. The community is essential to the Robo Lions’ ethics and they will make it a priority to continue to expand such outreach in the near future.

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The official VEX season has begun and the Robo Lions now have six individual teams that consist of a minimum of five members each who are at a steady pace to finishing the robot. Each team is following the organized calendar and are reaching the point of finishing their manipulators and will finish their robot by the 21st of October. Wiring and programming will start the first week of November, nearing the VEX Competition held at Peachtree Ridge High School.


On October 4th, Peachtree Ridge Robotics headed to the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase with their 20114 FRC robot for the Aerial Assist game that got them to the National Competition in St. Louis this past year. They brought freshman, previous members, and alumni to experience a portion of the exciting competition that occurs in spring semester. Parents and sponsors were invited to join as well observe the friendly-competitive spirit that FIRST encourages. The Robo Lions entered the competition with two drive teams and strong enthusiasm, which brought them to the finals. Although they didn’t win the GRITS Competition, Team 1261 is even more driven than before to enter the spring semester and leave a mark.


Team 1261 has given a new meaning to outreach; they gave rookie team, Lovett a fully complete robot to compete with at GRITS, which brought them to the finals of the competition as one of their alliances. The Robo Lions look forward to developing this new relationship in the upcoming year and to help Lovett prosper as a rookie team.

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To start off the year, the programming classes are consisting of lessons toward Easy C in order for the individual programmers for each VEX team to do VEX programming when it comes the time in mid-November.


Business Team is currently working on multiple projects that are going toward the outreach and funds of the team. Members of the business team have been separated accordingly in order to complete different goals: getting new sponsors, forming fundraisers, applying to grants.


It has only been the first few months of the semester, many things lay ahead for the Robo Lions.