A Robo Lion Summer

This summer, the Robo Lions have made it a mission to broaden their horizons as a club and for their students through new opportunities to harness skills and experience.


The Robo Lions began a programming class that allows future Robo Lions as well as current interested members to learn the basics of programming. To ensure the application of programming, they have also collaborated with fellow robotics team, Walton, on the logic of programming and certain thought processes. Approaching the school year, the Robo Lions are beginning to expand their knowledge into syntax and more will come with the continuation of the class during the school year. The class is developed to challenge the students to utilize concepts in order to enforce them in the near future.


In addition to the programming class, the Robo Lions have invested in making their own programming board to allow programmers to practice and test code without a complete robot at hand during FRC competition season.


The t-shirt robot that the Robo Lions debuted in the fall of 2013 underwent upgrades and revisions that included the additional CIM motors as well as a hinged door to improve the robot’s effectiveness during future community events.


In the aspects of VEX, there are two individual VEX groups that have taken on the task of accomplishing the 2014-2015 season game, Skyrise. These two team’s have taken two different approaches on the VEX competition with a scissor lift and a linear lift that is attached to a 4-bar lift that will hopefully bring either one to victory. The objective of starting earlier than they have years before is to challenge the students to create unique designs and engineer past basic concepts.


On the business aspects of the team, the team has taken up the task to finish the sponsor plaques and deliver them gradually and will finish up going into the school year. The sponsor money that’s been graciously given to the Robo Lions will soon fund for materials, projects, and outreach in this coming year. On the other hand, the progress of the business plan that the business team has efficiently worked on throughout the summer is now close to completion and will hopefully declare the prosperity of future years.


The Robo Lions’ summer has been action packed and foretell greater opportunities and advances of the 2014-2015 year and plan on continuing to motivate their students to strive for greater success.