Weekly Update- February 7th, 2014

*Palmetto Regional


*Drive Team
1. Palmetto Regional
In addition to attending the Peachtree Regional, our team will be attending the Palmetto Regional Competition this year Feb.27- Mar. 1. Only a skeletal team of 17 people will be attending, and will be selected to go not only based on attendance but also in the weight they carry in the team and how much they do. This list will be determined very soon.
2. Scouting
If you are not on the drive team, you will be scouting at one point, even if you are a safety captain or part of the pit crew. In order to scout, a written test will be given. An 80% or higher is required to scout, and a 95% is required to be lead scout.
See Mrs. Rutland for this test starting Wednesday Feb. 5th. Students will be allowed to take this test as many times as they’d like; it will be the same test each time. By the time scouting training comes around, those interested must have passed.These won’t be graded until Thursday afternoon. If you pass the driver’s test you do not need to take a scouting test. Additionally the last day for the scouting test will probably beSunday. By completing this test and doing well, you will show interest in going to Palmetto. 
3. Drive Team
Many tests for the Drive Team have already been administered. If you would like to take the test, please see Mrs. Rutland or Jay. To reiterate, passing is 95% or above. The deadline for passing is this Thursday!
By doing so, this leaves room for driver’s practice this weekend. However, being on the drive team goes beyond the test. The test simply allows students to participate in this weekend’s driver practice/tryouts.