Weekly Update- September 27th, 2013

Friday, September 27th, 2013
*Car Wash
*Learning Electrical Components


In only 11 days, Saturday, October 5th, we will be attending the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (GRITS) at the World Congress Center in Downtown Atlanta.

GRITS is a showcase event in which Georgia robotics teams compete and play the previous year’s FRC game. This will be a fun and exciting opportunity for new members to get a taste of what the second semester of robotics is like. It’s a lot of fun and gives new members a feel of the excitement and fun!

Car Wash:

The PRHS Robotics team is planning a car wash TOMORROW at the Walgreens
located near the intersection of Meadow Church and Sugarloaf Pkwy to help raise funds. The team has a great reputation in the community for working hard and doing an EXCELLENT job cleaning the inside and out of cars, trucks etc!


VEX season is on its way, and the Qualifier is not far from being right around the corner.

Teams have been working hard; all teams have completed their chasis and are now working on the offensive and defensive aspects of their robots. Also, teams have been working hard in keeping up with their engineering notebooks.

Learning Electrical Aspects:

Lessons about the electrical components of our robots-Soldering, Battery Safety, Wiring, cables, Power Consumption  & Thermal Consideration lessons starting Wed 10/2

On Wednesday, September 25th, 2013, select members attended NRC, displaying our FRC Robot to business owners in the community. This was a unique opportunity that the Robolions were given to get out into the community and build relations.

We are attending the football game tonight displaying our FRC Robot as well as selling homemade earrings (brightly colored robots) and bracelets (made of twine and hex nuts)