Weekly Update- October 11th, 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

* Electrical
*Robolions at Football Games
* Hull Middle Volunteering

GRITS was this past Saturday, October 5th!! This event was a highly successful day for the Robolions. At the end of qualification matches, we ranked as the #8 team. The Robolions were picked as alliance members of Team 832 and Team 2415. We reached the final match and lost from technical issues. However, we did receive the Outreach Award for the most number of new members! Although we did not win, we tasted victory and got and even better view on out strengths and weaknesses, and greatly anticipate the 2014 FRC Season!

Electrical Meetings

Anyone interested in learning about the electrical components of our robots-

*Soldering (Small to Large cables & fittings, possible some chips
on PCB)
* Battery Safety
* Wiring, cables (Proper sizing of the gauge & types of wire, amp
* Power Consumption (P=VI) & Thermal Considerations (Heat Sinks)
Special classes are now being offered by Mr. Webb, one of our parents on Wednesdays

Friday Night Lights
At the final home game, we will most likely be shooting the t-shirt bot.

The VEX competition that we are holding is just about a month away!

Team leaders have been keeping teams on track and working hard! Engineering notebooks are strong, as teams have been tediously keeping up with these!

Hull Middle School

This is now our 5th week volunteering at the middle school! The experience is incredible, and we couldn’t be any luckier to have this opportunity.

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