Peachtree District State Championships

Peachtree Ridge Robotics Team Amplify Their Roar at Peachtree District State Championships
They’ve won once, they’ve won twice, and now they’re back at it again with another accomplishment; qualifying for World Championships to be held in St. Louis, Missouri from April 27 through April 31. With this highly-anticipated event, the Robo Lions Team 1261 are ready to compete. Team 1261 was placed as the second-seed alliance captain, and made it through six rigorous playoff matches with alliance partners Team 2415 Westminster Wired Cats from Atlanta, Ga and 4516 Hyperion Robotics from Roswell, Ga. Awarded with the Innovation in Control award and being crowned the second-ranked team in all of Georgia, the Robo Lions are now on the road to making their voice heard at a worldwide competition! Because they are the only Gwinnett County team to qualify for Worlds and the first to win the prestigious Chairman’s Award at Albany, Ga, the team has proved that they aren’t all talk!
With undefeatable high goal shots and outstanding vision tracking, the team also topped the competition with an unreachable high score of 170 points, along with setting several high scores in the state of Georgia.
The team is excited to compete alongside hundreds of other teams at the World Championships held in St. Louis, Missouri! However with high costs of transportation, boarding, and registration fees, the team is scrambling to acquire the funds needed to compete. As it stands, the team is in need of $35,000 to best represent Gwinnett County by facilitating the spread of STEM and encouraging its members to follow their technological pathways. Being a registered 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible and well appreciated.
The Robo Lions hope to hear lots of supportive cheers as they head down to compete in their third World Championship competition!

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