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Suwannee Day Parade

The team had a super showing for the Suwanee Day Parade, celebrating the idea “Super City, Super People” as the STEM Heros of Tomorrow! After shooting beach-balls and T-shirts from our float, we were recognized as most entertaining. We finished

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The Robo Lions Visit the Maxxis Facility in Thanks for their Many Years of Support

On August 26, 2016, the Robo Lions were invited to the Maxxis Facility to present the organization’s efforts in advancing the STEM initiative. The team explained the dynamics of their 2016 Stronghold Robot including vision tracking and its autonomous abilities.

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Rookie Meeting

On Tuesday 8/16, the Robo Lions hosted their rookie meeting. We were very happy out the turn out and the meeting was a great success! We can’t wait to get this VEX season started with all of our new rookie

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VEX Starstruck Game Reveal Video

The link below goes to the VEX 2016-2017 game reveal video. All members need to watch this video as it is very important towards understanding the game during the VEX season! Click here to watch the video!

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Robo Lions visit ZF

The Robo Lions visited ZF on June 29, 2016 to give a presentation on what the team has achieved this past season. With a brief powerpoint and a quick demo of our 2016 Stronghold bot Khanquistador, the team ended the

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Lawrenceville Rotary Club Meeting

Click the link below to see the article posted on the Lawrenceville Rotary Club’s Website about our recent meeting with them! Peachtree Ridge HS’s RoboLions Visit

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2015-2016 Team 1261 Summary

The team had a blast at their Annual Robots at the Ridge VEX competition on Saturday, November 21st, at Peachtree Ridge High School. One of Team 1261’s VEX teams even made it to the quarter-final rounds! This year also marked

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End Of Season Video

Here is our End of the Season Video for Spring 2016!

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Officer Elections

The 2016-2017 Officer Leadership Elections were held on Tuesday May 10th. Below are the candidates listed for each elected position: President: Mackenzie Glaser Vice President of FRC: Sana Hafeez, Natalie Luong, Neil Penning, Sumaer Sahney, and Tyler Son Vice President

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Car Wash at Piedmont Bank

The Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions will be hosting a car wash on Saturday June 11th in order to raise funds to keep the organization running smoothly. Please come to support your local robotics team and contribute to the technological advances

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